A baby boy is born

I am so so so so so very excited for you to see these images!   I pulled my first all-nighter since college photographing the birth of sweet baby Aughtry!

For a few weeks before the birth, I was kind of on edge … waiting for the call and checking my phone to make sure it was charged! Even though her previous two kiddos weren’t early (in fact, one was ten days late) … I just thought being her third kiddo, she was going to go early. And then, the night before JT and I left on our vacation in early August, I got a text and was so completely heart broken because she thought she was going into labor. Sure, yes, I was excited for her … but so very sad that I might miss the birth of her third child. 😉 But, in true BFF form, she held him in until I got back … and then kept holding him in until last week (a mere nine days late).   She’s so thoughtful that way.

And then the call came in on Labor Day … and I  was giddy with excitement! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to witness the birthing process — especially a home birth. Everything was so lovely and peaceful and beautiful. The midwives (all three of them) were amazing and so very caring and I loved getting to know each of them.

Her husband was strong and quiet and so very loving.  And I love how he took care of her and knew just what she needed.   They have such an amazing connection and it showed all throughout the night.

And Paige — well, you’re going to be able to tell from the pictures, was so beautiful and strong and a true inspiration to watch.  I walked away feeling so inspired by her!

I arrived just before midnight and she was at three centimeters … and then sweet baby Aughtry entered the world at 4:26AM.  And this is a sneak peek … just to tell a story of how a family grew by one on the 4th of September.



Thank you so much Paige and Robert for trusting me to capture these moments for you!!

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