A celebration

I have to say, this was the first session I have left in tears (other than my NILMDTS sessions … those always end up with swollen eyes) … but this one really hit me as I got into the car.

We celebrated the birthday of a child who is looking down at us from heaven. She would have been three the day we did the session. The celebration had balloons and the birthday song and a lot of family snuggles.

Why was it so hard?  My sweet Tyler-boo will be three in a few weeks … which meant that Erin and I were pregnant at the same time and due right around the same time.   And I just couldn’t imagine that kind of pain.   Erin and I met a few months later.  I was still wearing Tyler and our girls were in dance together.  She was (and continues to be) so very strong.  I asked during the session if it was a happy day … or a sad day and was surprised that both her and her hubby said it was a great day.

And indeed it was …

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