me and my little love

After I did that very special mother -and-son session this week it reminded me of that article on the Huffington Post about the importance of getting in the photographs with your children … even if you aren’t photograph ready.  (you know your hair is a mess, your make-up isn’t on and perhaps you are still in your jammies).  If you haven’t read it — it’s truly fabulous!   And not only that, it resonates with sooooooo many mothers, (me, included).

So, tonight, Tyler joined me on a scouting adventure.  And while I was scouting this lovely location for sunset photographs, it occurred to me that we should snap a picture together.   I used the picnic table, set my timer and snapped this:



… and it isn’t technically perfect and my outfit certainly isn’t fabulous … but I love it just the same. And you can bet it will be hanging in my house very soon!

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