She’s six! And in Kinder. And Growing up too fast! ~ Austin Child Photographer

Okay, okay … she’s been six for a few weeks now … but I am a bit behind.  And once again, I have all sorts of excuses …  but traveling out of the country and having family in town for nine days and well, I had a list a mile long of things we had to finish before the end of the summer.   And in case you missed it, summer ended on Sunday night … so, I simply had to get everything done!   We finally finished her, “I’m Six,” room.  We found the *perfect* desk on Craigslist.  Of course, it was red with black accents and now it’s a light turquoise (thanks to Papa), and we got her walls done just right (thanks to Grandma) and cleaned out her closet.


So — just in the nick of time …

I took Sabrina to this lovely old swing over the weekend and in six minutes, I captured my girl exactly as I want to remember her at age six.

Happy.  Carefree.  Funny.  Colorful.  Silly.  Sweet.  Determined.

Oh — you want to see more?

Well, okay.  Twist my arm.

and then just like that, she jumped off and we were done!

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