The best part about living in Texas ~ Austin child photographer

Oh, sure, Texas has a few things about it that we all love and adore … and while the triple digit heat really isn’t one of them, the ability to be able to swim for at least six months of the year (and sometimes seven) might be one of the best parts about Texas.    And if you have a water baby like I do, then it’s awesome.  Sabrina loves the water — loves being in the pool, diving for toys and showing off her skills with the backstroke and freestyle.   I’m constantly in awe of her swimming ability — and maybe that’s simply because I just get in the water and wade a bit and I really mean it when I say that she is a better swimmer than I am (technically speaking, that is).   She has mastered the backstroke for at least 25 meters (but I’m certain she could go twice that if there was room) and her freestyle is also impressive (I mean, she’s not even six, and she can do the freestyle stroke, flip over to the backstroke and then flip back again for 25 meters).  Right now she’s learning the breast stroke and at some point in the future she will learn the butterfly.  I love watching her swim …

…and taking her swimming is fabulous … except, her brother doesn’t seem to be much of a water baby.  He sits on the edge, watches her swim and giggles, kicks his feet to splash, but he doesn’t really seem all that interested in getting IN the water.  Last summer he seemed fine …  but so far this summer, he’s content to just watch.  Maybe it’s the pink life vest?  

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