The story of Christmas

You know me and my love of traditions … seeing this live nativity is no different. It’s one of my favorite things to do each Christmas season. This year Sabrina and I had our own night out — just the two of us. And we soaked up the story of the night Jesus was born. Sabrina asked so many questions and had so many thoughts on the entire thing (why was He born in a barn? why didn’t the inn keeper let them in?) And then of course, part of the production includes all the live animals and a petting zoo. My little allergic baby girl cannot stay away from animals — and they all love her. The sheep stood by her side, the bunnies waited for their turn to be held. It’s amazing to watch.

And this picture? While grainy since it was shot in the dark and at 6000 ISO — does she look older, or is it just me? Can you see her grown up face?!

Beautiful image of a child at the live nativity by Katie Eaton Photography-1

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