The Mother/Daughter Tea

Sabrina and her class put on a very sweet tea for their mothers and grandmothers alike. They decorated the tables with princess castles and  and made all their mommies princess hats to wear during the event. We each got a handmade decorated box filled with chocolates and our plates were filled with fresh strawberries and muffins. A good time was had by all.

But the part I found most interesting was watching the girls with each other. They each grabbed their respective mommy’s iPhone and started taking photographs of each other … a few ultra close ups of noses and eyes, and then group shots and then pictures with each other. It was hilarious.

And the natural smiles they gave each other — I was jealous!  Sabrina has mastered the “ultra-fake-please-don’t-take-another-picture-of-me-mommy,” look when I have my camera out!  I think from now on, I must take one of her friends with us when we are having photographs taken!  I love her sweet smile but my photographer tricks no longer work on my sweet girl!

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