A very determined little girl.

Our sweet Sabrina is such a determined little girl. While we were on vacation she decided that she was going to learn how to ride a bike … and she did just that. She has shown absolutely zero interest in learning how to ride her bike without training wheels until now. She was perfectly content riding it with training wheels or riding her razor scooter. So, I was pretty surprised when she made her announcement. Not only that, but that bike was a 21 inch bike (so when we got home to her 19 inch bike she announced that it was too small).

Day 1:

{Tyler wanted to learn, too}

Day 2:

She’s wired much like me — decide you are going to do something, and do it! She doesn’t give up until she gets it.

So, while her daddy was running behind her, we could hear her giving herself little pep talks. She said, “You can do this. Keep pedaling. Make yourself proud. Look straight.”

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