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Dear Friends and Family,

For those of you who followed my food allergy thread on Facebook the other day … and those of you who helped me with not one, not two but all three drafts of my letter … you*are*awesome and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

For those of you just joining the program … I posted what I thought was a simple question about food allergies as a status update … and it turned into a great discussion (65+ comments).  I wanted to know what people who have kids without any allergies wanted to know about kids with life threatening food allergies  (I am working on a letter for the parents in my classroom).

Most of my best friends have been around Sabrina and her food allergies for so long that I couldn’t really ask them because, well, they have either witnessed a reaction, or been on enough play dates to know what is or isn’t safe to have around.  So, I wanted fresh thoughts from people who aren’t around kids like Sabrina regularly.

With their help, I made this:


and sooooo many people either called, texted or wrote me on facebook asking how the school did today.  And so far — I’d say, excellent.  I made three of those signs above (color printed and laminted) … and the teacher put one on Sabrina’s desk, one outside the classroom and one at the lunch table.  The lunch monitor (who happens to be a new friend) called to let me know things were a-okay and two other moms sent pictures on their phones while she ate lunch.   They were beyond protective today … and I hope the same level of protectiveness continues.  She is carrying her own epi pen (I had to sign a specific form for that to be allowed) and the nurse also has an epi pen.

Anyway …  I’m truly grateful for all the opinions and thoughts and to everyone helping keep our Sabrina safe!




PS:  To see pics from Sabrina’s first day — see the post below!

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