Ski Trip 2013

Family. It’s the most important thing in life. To quote my favorite cousin, “You have one shot at an incredible life. Don’t squander it by procrastinating on the most important and urgent relationships.” I loved what he wrote so much, that I immediately wrote it down.

I’m m so very thankful that our annual ski trip has continued year after year. Photographs hang on our wall from when I was a little girl in ski school — and now even though skiing is a littler bittersweet for me, I’m still happy that our tradition continues.

Skiing an afternoon with Sabrina was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Watching her lean forward on the ski lift gave me an anxiety attack. And her having absolutely no fear on the runs was also quite scary. I swear she could go top to bottom without making a turn if we’d let her … so, our solution was telling her we’d give her a quarter for each turn. I think she counted 125 turns … and she wasn’t impressed when we said we’d put it in her college fund. She mastered the blues and I was tempted to take her on a black just to see how she’d do. But, the blacks will have to wait until next year.

I didn’t carry my camera with me when we were on the slopes or out and about — but the iPhone is fabulous for instant gratification.

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