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Ya, I’m kinda proud of my little six year old. She’s a fish. Or a mermaid. Whatever the girlie version of a kiddo who prefers to swim over anything else — that’s what she is. She’s been “swimming” since she could walk … but you know, before this year, she was just enjoying the water and kinda swimming — it was an activity for us to do together. But this year, she’s swimming. *really* swimming. She’s in the deep end, jumping off the high dive and doing both the backstroke and the freestyle.  I don’t worry about her at all if my eyes aren’t on her because she can swim fifty meters like it’s no big deal.

Anyway, I’ve been researching underwater cameras for a while but it’s so hard to know the right camera to buy.  I really prefer using something that other people that I know have used and liked. I mean, I read the on-line reviews for the most popular versions but it’s just not the same as a first-hand account from a friend!

So — when I heard that my friends got this camera (Canon D20) and loved it, I ordered it and poof, it’s fabulous. It’s so user friendly that I didn’t even read the manual (gasp). I know, I know — I always encourage friends and fellow photographers to read their manual before they start shooting. But this camera is so similar to the little power-shot elf that I have, I just turned it on and found the manual settings and got started.  And it’s really an inexpensive camera considering that it goes underwater and has 12.1 mega-pixels.   Plus, it’s shock proof, which means if Tyler throws it … it’s probably safe!  🙂 


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