Our family in pictures ~ March 2012

Oh how I love the ability to just take a picture with my phone.  To capture a moment right then and there.  I put this pressure on myself that *every* picture I take with my canon should be of professional quality.  Of course, it’s completely unrealistic that every photograph I take is perfect.  I have outtakes on this site for a reason … which reminds me, I really do need to add more there.

But — with my phone, I can just take a picture and if it’s out of focus, who cares?  And if it’s not the best lighting or there’s clutter all around I just don’t care because these are just our everyday snapshots.  I don’t always have on makeup.  Sabrina isn’t always in a super cute dress.  The kids have food on their faces and dirt on their skin.

One of my goals for 2012 was to capture more of our daily life … so, I participate in the project 365 (which is to take a picture a day) and I’m really loving it. So … here’s a slide-show of our family in pictures for March!

If you follow me on Instagram … then you’ve seen them.  If not — I’m katieeaton … so, look for me!  

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