A Big Day!

{my sweet girl right after she was born}

It’s a big day at our house.   We just registered our baby for Kindergarten.  She’s beyond ready.  She was ready last fall but like many parents with late summer babies, we decided to keep her home with us for one more year.

We had a few reasons for not sending her … for one, we would rather her be the oldest in the class vs. the youngest. But the main reason was all about her food allergies.  And, truly, sending her to public school next year feels a little irresponsible on my part.  It’s a decision that I’ve really been struggling with.  Her school isn’t nut free.  It isn’t egg free.  It isn’t dairy free.  And I’m not suggesting that all schools be allergen free.

I mean, I would love it if I could keep her in a little bubble and send her to school because putting her in a place for forty hours each week where there is a potential for danger isn’t easy.

And even though my best friends know me to be *fairly* dramatic, I don’t think I’m being that dramatic now.  Her food allergies are severe.  I mean, they are REALLY severe. It’s a sad sad fact that I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been to the hospital regarding food allergies.  It’s sad that I would have to look through her medical records to count the number of times she has had epinephrine to save her life or a steroid shot to help her breathe a little better.  I do remember two very scary ambulance rides and one tearful ride down a gondola (because, really, can you imagine taking a child down a mountain any other way that wouldn’t scar them for life)?    Her allergies scare me on a daily basis … so the thought of sending her to school really scares me.  I’ve thought about homeschooling … but that’s another post in and of itself.

So, for now … she is registered and I am going to have to trust that she is going to be safe.  I’m going to have to trust in many many things because I can’t keep her in a bubble.

And she is Oh so excited. Very very excited. She loves going to her kinder-readiness-preschool right now and during spring break she was literally counting the number of sleeps before she could be back with Ms. Jeri and her friends!

{my two year old love ... who is going to be six this year}

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