and time marches on.

{sweet. new. lovely}

ah Tyler, I just love you so much.  I’m so so so thankful each and every day that you are here.  Even though time is going by so fast, I’m savoring every minute with you.  Since Sabrina has been in school in the mornings, we are getting a lot of time with each other to play and snuggle.  Of course, all of that is about to change since she loves being home with you, too.  Starting in August, she’s only going to go to school three days per week so I hope you learn to sleep with a bit of noise.

My favorite time might be in the wee hours of the morning when you wake to eat.  It’s quiet, and dark … but light enough that I can see your facial features.  Of course, your eyelashes are much longer than mine, so they are hard to miss even in the dark.   As I’m thinking about it, my favorite time could be when you wake up for the day and we do Itsy Bitsy Yoga together.  You have so much fun and chatter the entire time.  Your favorite pose is one that I call roly poly (which is funny since your sister loves roly polys).

You are so unbelievably strong and hold your head and neck like a big kid.   I found myself holding you on my hip the other day (which seems much too early…I prefer those close snuggle holds).   *sigh*  It’s just another sign that you won’t stay a baby forever.  We’re actually thinking of getting down the big plastic exersaucer to see how you do.

You’ve got some chubby arms, thighs and a cute tummy.   You never miss a meal.

You’ve been rolling tummy to back since you were five weeks old.  You’re still not sure how you do it so I don’t think it ‘counts’ as rolling but it’s hard to get tummy time in these days because you just roll right to your back.

You have the famous ‘stick up hair’ that I had as a child.  Since it hasn’t gone away yet, I’m afraid it’s here to stay.   Your hair is what people seem to comment on the most!  I think it makes you look like a rock star.

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