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… Christmas 2010 is a year to remember.  Sabrina absolutely loved Christmas — and Santa, and Charlie (our elf) and the decorations, the crafts, the lights, the treats.  Tyler … loved the paper and the noises.    Dada got a new pair of skis.  I bought them back in September and managed to keep a secret and man oh man, when he announced that he wanted to pick his own skis sometime in November, I started to worry.    But, thankfully, he was happy with the ones my dad and I picked out.

And then, there was me … who got a new camera!!  I can’t tell you how many people have asked me ‘why’ I got a new camera?  Well, the answer is, because my husband wanted to buy me something I would absolutely love.

When I opened my ‘something to wear’ and it was a new camera strap and I was shocked … and confused.  JT immediately started to say all these wonderful things about how he’s been planning this purchase since his trip to Mexico (meanwhile, Sabrina is jumping up and down in the background ready for another present).   I remained dazed while he told me what a wonderful mother, wife and friend I was.  I was still confused when he said he wants me to keep exploring my creative camera abilities.  I was thinking — I just got used to my camera. I finally feel like I mastered it and could just snap away.   He starts talking about how much he loves my pictures … and then about all the features that are different about this new camera (and Sabrina is still jumping up and down).  So, while in the middle of this romantic conversation, I just cut him off for fear that Sabrina was going to explode if she didn’t get to open a new present.

The camera remained in the box.

For two full days.

I wasn’t sure I really needed a new camera.    But …

I love that he was so excited and giddy about buying something that I would truly love.   I’m happy that he recognizes that taking pictures is something I love and that he is so supportive of my career.

I’m still in love with the lens he got me for our anniversary … so, I popped it on and started shooting.


Loving it.  Loving my husband for being so wonderful.

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