Dear Friends. Yes. I’m a photographer.

Dear Friends & Family.

It’s true … I’m a photographer.  In fact,  I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember … since I was young and could hold a camera.   I started with a disc camera, and then a film camera, then to digital, and then back to SLR-film and now I shoot with my DSLR Canon 5D Miii and love it.   I have multiple lenses, all of which are L lenses … and you probably don’t know what that means (or even care) — but it means I’m shooting through glass and not plastic.   I’ve been in business for over eight years but what I suck at … and I mean, I truly suck at … is Marketing.

Many many many of my friends are surprised to learn that I am a professional photographer.     And not only am I a professional photographer — I’m quite good at it.   I like to take photographs of families and newborns the best —  I like to get a combination of posed pictures and candid pictures and my favorites are the ones you don’t even realize I’m capturing.   And the high school senior is fun … except it reminds me of how dreadfully old I’m getting!   I also take headshots and real estate images.

What I like is using my camera!   What I don’t like is marketing.   I don’t even know where to begin and it feels overwhelming.  99% of the time I rely on word of mouth from previous clients because I know they love my work.    I have this gorgeous website … but as you can see, I didn’t blog all summer which probably means Google has forgotten who I am.   I take beautiful images … but if you follow my business Instagram and Facebook you can see that I rarely post professional images.

Clearly, my marketing plan is flawed!

I’m also expensive.  I’m sure that’s a marketing faux-pas as well … never tell people you’re expensive.  Right?   But I am.  Am I in business because I love it, yes.  But I also have bills to pay and much like you… you (or someone in your family) probably works to pay the bills.   I don’t give away my work because my equipment is the best of the best.  I won’t do a mini session for fifty dollars and give you all of the files because the card in which I shoot your images on is over $150.  Plus, if I wanted to make minimum wage, I’d work at Starbucks where I could get all the free americanos I want!

And — just like everything else in life … you get what you pay for!  Your images will be perfect — your skin tone will be correct, the image will be in focus, there won’t be noise in the background (parking lots, trash cans, other people),  the images will be consistent, the lighting will be on point and you’ll have an experience with me that you can’t get from a fifty dollar (or free) photographer because, I want my client to love their products.   You also don’t just get a disk of images — you get prints too!  Honestly … how many of you get those files and then never actually print them?

Please — look around my website, see what my clients have to say on facebook (and while you’re there … please like it … as stated above, I won’t post enough to clog your feed)!   And consider booking your friend, the photographer.



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