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You know how time flies with your first kid? Well … the second kiddo feels even faster. I simply cannot believe Tyler is 18 months.


What can I tell you about Tyler.


1. He’s so adorable. I know, I’m his mother … but really, he just is.

2. He runs with his belly. I don’t think I can explain it very well … but he sticks his belly out and runs. Must remember to get a video.

3. ‘Go’ means ‘Yes’. Example. Tyler, are you hungry? Go! (and then he runs to the kitchen).

4. He says Mama, Dada, Please (which sounds like tease), Shoe (which sounds like ooo). He also says Papa, All-Done, Uh-Oh and Na-Night. He is really into mimicking the inflection of our voice — so he says thank you and copies what we say but only his parents would know what he’s trying to say. ‘Da’ (which means that) is still very popular for bird and plane and moon and baby and pretty much everything else.  Oh, and he’s still a champion at all the animal sounds.

5. He shakes his head for no but still hasn’t said the word No … and like I said above, yes is Go! He doesn’t seem to have any problem communicating what he wants.

6. Tyler weaned himself over the past month so I think I can officially say he is done nursing. I wasn’t in a rush to wean him … and decided to just let him take the lead on it. Frankly, I’m kind of surprised that he weaned himself so early. I thought for sure he would go until he was two and then it was going to be a struggle. Just a few months ago it felt like he was still connected to me all the time! SO, it turns out he weaned me.  I still ask him if he wants to nurse and he just smiles and shakes his head no.

7. If we are near the kitchen, he wants to eat. And he will eat all day if we let him. He loves coconut milk yogurt and applesauce … and he makes a huge mess feeding himself.

8. He loves his sister — follows her around and does whatever she says. It’s cute … sometimes. He called her Bee today.

9. We get stopped by complete strangers to look at his eyes.  Sure, they think it’s cruel that he has colored contacts — but they just like to stop and look.  😉

10. He’s a giggler.

11. He loves bath-time and books.

12. Our nighttime routine is the same each and every night … like clockwork. Sabrina showers while Tyler takes a bath … then he gets out and pretends to escape while running naked. It’s quite a game because nine times out of ten, he manages to pee in those few seconds he is out without a diaper. We read one book as a family in Sabrina’s room and then we give hugs and kisses … blow one more kiss as we walk out the door and read one book in Tyler’s room and then we rock until he says, “Na’night,” and reaches for his bed. Sometimes he wants to rock for ten seconds and other times he wants to rock for ten minutes.

13. He loves listening to me sing. He stops what he is doing and sits in my lap.

14. He’s a huge fan of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and does all the hand-movements. He also likes Pat-A-Cake but not near as much. 😉

15. Tyler is allergic to corn — or sensitive to it … he gets hives and an awful (and I mean awful) diaper rash. I won’t go into detail … but just trust me on it.

16. When he’s eating something he likes he just smiles and says, “mmmmm.”

17. Sometimes he really wants to be left alone … he’ll go in his room and get out a pile of books and just ‘read’. Then he’ll shout out ‘Mama’ just so I can shout back at him and then he keeps reading. It doesn’t last for more than ten minutes … but it’s still interesting to me that he takes time out to himself.

18.  He still signs more and up.  He won’t even try to say the words … if I ask him to say more — he does the sign.  Same for up.  I love sign-language … but I also wonder about it … it is so awesome when they can’t talk that they can communicate what they need — but now that he can talk, I just wish he would use the words.  😉

19.  He loved Kiddie Acres … and the snow cone treat at the end!


Happy 18 months!!

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