My little love is 2

Say it isn’t so.  Please.  Say it isn’t so!  How did these two years go by so quickly?  And how is it possible that my baby is two?!


Indeed, time marches on!

Our Tyler-boo LOVES donuts.  And I mean, he might have an addiction to donuts that we need to wean him from!  He calls them doneys and knows when we drive past the Round Rock Donuts as well as Shipley Donuts.  Sad … yet true.   So, we had a very special Donut Party for him with family and close friends.

The invitation:

The details (and thanks to my amazing hubby for creating and designing the watermelon porcupine):

The special birthday doney (and thank you to my amazing friend, Paige, for capturing Tyler’s special moments)!

The fun!

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