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Wow.  We were so lucky to have Papa in town for Halloween this year!  He flew in from Colorado just to visit the grandkids (I’m not sure he knew what he was in for … t-ball game, birthday party, a teething baby, a sugared up sickly toddler).

Halloween was fun this year — but I was soooo glad when we turned our lights off last night and I could take down all the decorations.  Bah humbug, I know.  But, man, Sabrina had this entire house decorated from head-to-toe with pumpkins, ghosts and witches and it wasn’t like it all went up this past weekend.  We’ve been decorating since October 1st.  I admit, the three foot spider grew on me … but I was ready to take it down just the same.  And, the webbing between the trees actually felt like spider web after being up there for a month.  It was filled with bugs and leaves and all sorts of lovely things.   Today, our house is geared up for Thanksgiving.

So — on to our big day.  Sabrina was beyond ready to go as soon as she woke up — “Is it trick-or-treat time?”  With a question like that eleven hours before we were going to head out it was a very long day.   We tried to fill up the day with activities — a haunted train ride, Halloween sticker decorations, pumpkin carving, a walk around the neighborhood to scope out our route for the night, soccer, hide and seek… blah blah blah, we still heard “Is it trick-or-treat time?” every half hour.   Thankfully she took a nice long nap and we had an early dinner … but sadly, she still had to wait and it was veeeery hard.

Once we were on our way, she was quite shy.  She’d ring the door bell but then hide and smile really big but she wouldn’t say anything unless we prompted her.  After a few houses, she started to get the hang of it and then, by the end, she was running from house to house (literally, running).  She’d get her candy and start running while yelling, “thank you.”

We came home with more candy than we could ever eat.  Who am I kidding, we could eat it, but seriously, we don’t need it.

She then passed out candy to the rest of the kiddos who came to the door and I got Tyler down for the night  (who, by the way,  loved trick-or-treating so much) that he went to two houses in his spider costume.    She was in her room by eight … but still so excited about all the candy that she couldn’t sleep.

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