Family update

It’s true.  I’ve been a blog slacker.  I have many many excuses.  It seems that for the past twenty-nine days I’ve been consumed with what’s been going on with my dad.  I’ve been waiting for phone calls, doing research, updating family and waiting for more phone calls.  I haven’t really wanted to do anything else.  I haven’t been seeing friends as often as I’d like.  I haven’t taken many photographs at all.  I forced myself to take one year pictures of Tyler because I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.  But, this week, it finally feels like dad is making progress and we are entering a new chapter in the situation.   For the first time, I felt like I could focus on something other than central spinal cord injury.  I’ve actually been very productive this week .   I got to chat with dad on the phone and it was truly awesome.

So, hopefully this month we will keep getting good news about dad, I’ll get to see my friends more, do a family blog update now and again and get back on the photography horse.  I have two sessions this weekend and just hope that my creative juices will be flowing!   It’s my mother’s day gift to myself.  And, it’s really because of my friend  Cindy who passed along a client to me.    Thank God for friends.  She knew exactly what I needed!

Sabrina.  What can I say about my lovely daughter?  She’s full of energy.  She’s an independent soul with strong opinions on everything.  She is inquisitive.  Art remains her favorite activity as well as digging for worms.   We snuggle almost every morning and it’s turned into one of the best parts of my day.   She crawls into bed with me when the sun comes up and we snuggle until she announces that she’s hungry … or if she hears Tyler she squeals and says, “come on mom…let’s go get Tyler!!”    I love watching them together.

Tyler.  Such a sweet sweet boy.  He’s a constant babbler and waves for hello, good-bye and na’night.   One of my favorite parts of our day together is when it’s nap time or bedtime.  He waves na’night while he is nursing — and I mean he waves almost constantly.  When I lay him down he rolls over and looks at me with his big blue eyes and waves one more time before he moves to one corner of the crib and puts his head down.   I love how he smushes his head into the corner and pulls his legs up under him.   It’s simply adorable.

and it wouldn’t be a family post without writing about JT …

He continues to amaze me … he does it all.  He wakes up early, gets the kids breakfast, goes to work, comes home and makes dinner and then helps with bedtime.  He usually gives both kids a bath while I do the dishes and then while I put Tyler down for the night, he reads books to Sabrina.   Are you wondering what I do??  Sometimes I wonder, too.  But, all day, I play with the kids and make sure the house is organized and clean.   And, I deal with kids who sometimes have tantrums.  Sometimes.   Did you read above how Sabrina is very opinionated?   The kids love their daddy … both of them try to get to him as fast as they can as soon as they hear the door open.   And they both screech as they run to him.   Work continues to be busy for him and sometimes I wonder if he wishes he wouldn’t have gone into management.  He does quite a bit of traveling and on those weeks I do manage to cook dinner and make sure the children are bathed.  🙂

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