Our family ski trip 2011 ~ Austin Family Lifestyle Photographer

We had an amazing ski trip this year!  We commented all week that we must have had good karma following us around because it was sunny, unseasonably warm, the snow was perfect and there was hardly anyone around.  One day alone we got in twenty-three runs — you read that right, 23.  There were no crowds and we kind of ski a little fast.    Our fastest top to bottom time was two minutes and thirty seconds.  Well, that was my fastest — I think it might have been a first that I beat my dad down!   Maybe I missed my calling for the Super G.

And — we have a future downhill skier on our hands.  Sabrina.  Wow.   She was in lessons all week and by her last day she was skiing blues.   For those of you non-skiers out there, green is the easiest and then the blues are considered ‘more difficult’ which basically means they are a little steeper and a little narrower.   She was so excited to be riding the ‘big lifts’ that she’d squeal with excitement.   The first time we went up with Sabrina (so she could show off the skills she learned in class), she pointed her skis down and didn’t turn.  Not once.  I was frozen — and scared.  She was ‘racing’ us and trying to catch our cousin who came up to ski with us that day.  He had no idea she was racing him — and amazingly enough, she almost caught up.  Unfortunately, she went over a jump and landed on her back.  When we got to her she was still on her back and eating snow.  No tears.  Even as I type this I still cannot believe she wasn’t crying when we got to her.  We helped her up and we went again … and again.  She even taught us how to ‘jump’ off the lift.

I was so proud.  So so proud.

{our four year old skier}

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