Our little helper

In preschool, Sabrina is assigned daily tasks she may be the snack helper, line leader, calendar helper, etc. Apparently she takes those tasks very seriously at school because if she does her tasks well, she gets her name on the board for extra computer time. Unbeknownst to us, she randomly assigns tasks to herself at home and then, if we attempt to do something she’s assigned herself, she puts her hands on her hips and says, “I’M the snack helper!”

{hmmm. is mommy having a boy or a girl?}


Sabrina is a little helper at home – she sets the table with napkins, utensils and plates (knock on wood; she hasn’t broken a plate yet). While we were walking through the airport with our bags, she declared herself the line leader and if we would come close to walking in front of her, we’d be advised she was the line leader for the day. She also turns on and off the lights as we walk into rooms, clears the table, makes her bed … I wonder how long this will last! I love the extra help!

Speaking of computer time, Sabrina loves the computer. She has a little desk at home with her own laptop (my old Dell laptop that maneuvers as slow as a dinosaur). She can navigate through pages and open browsers. I can’t take credit for teaching her computer skills as there are two computers in her classroom that she has learned on. The only website she goes to is www.starfall.com – if your kiddo likes computer play, it’s a great website with letters, stories and songs. We give her fifteen minutes a day … it’s not much, but enough for her to practice.

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